An open letter to supporters of Donald Trump

You must be so tired of hearing from or about people trying to make you think Donald Trump is no good, am I right? And people in big media and also in politics clearly have no clue what’s going on in this country! So, they should just shut up already. At the very least, they shouldn’t pretend as though everything is going well with the U.S.

All they write about is how Trump would be bad for the US in this way or that way: how his policies would ruin the economy, and on, and on, and on… But what about the people who have run this country into the gutter? They spent the past 30 or so years trying to tell us that things are great. But you just need to look around to see the truth! You very well remember a time when things were so much better! What the f*ck happened? How could the people who were supposed to protect you let it come to this?

So… Why am I writing?

Well, I’ll do my best to tell it like it is: I’m angry and I’m also scared. What I’m not is a historian, and no economist either, and I’m certainly also no genius who can predict the future. What I do know is that I feel like things are getting out of control. And I’m not saying that that’s on you! And it’s also not on Donald Trump either!

You only have to open any news paper, or turn on the news on TV, or go to a news website online to see it. Pretty much anything that happens is bad. And isn’t someone supposed to protect us from all that sh*t? I mean, seriously… This country was at the very top not too long ago, and now everything feels like we’re losing big time.

So, yeah, I agree there is much to be angry about!

For one, I’m super angry about people who have been telling us, that if there are more people looking for work than there are jobs, the people simply have to accept lower wages. It’s what they call a free market! Of labor!! And then they have been telling us that it’s a great idea to move jobs to countries where people work for way less than half of what those jobs paid in the U.S., go figure!

It’s really no surprise at all that wages have not gone up since the 1980’s! I mean, come on!! And, naturally, the people who own a lot will get even richer. Cause, believe me, whatever they save by having stuff produced in other countries is not going to push prices down as much for you or me.

And then I’m angry at people who keep telling us that everyone earning enough to have a decent standard of living would break the economy. Where’s the proof? It all comes back again to this one question: how much is a certain job worth paying for? Clearly, if we believe the economists and, no surprise here, almost everyone in either of the two big parties, they would say, it’s only worth as much as the market pays.

Well, here’s another way looking at this: imagine, even for one moment, that not the number of people qualified to do a job, say cleaning toilets, is what determines the supply of labor, but instead the number of people who actually want to do that fucking job, given what it pays. Don’t you think that many, many jobs would suddenly become much more valuable?

And, yes, it sounds like a fantasy, like a fairy tale, something that could never, ever work in reality. But WHY NOT? I’ll tell you why: because the people who own things, who own factories, and who own hospitals, and who own prisons–in short, the people who do not do any actual work, but only sit on their assess, counting their belongings, would make far, far less money than they do today. And the people who own things are the ones spending soooo much money on elections, that people like you and me certainly don’t have a chance.

Then comes Donald Trump, and at last someone is as angry about how the country is being run as I am. Only, he is one of the rich guys. So, I’m skeptical. Would he really make life better for me? For you? Or what is it that he really wants?

And, honestly, I’m also a bit scared of some of the things Donald Trump has to say… If I take him at his word, all of our problems would be solved if only we could get the illegals out of the country, and stop Islamic terror, and get China to not export so much cheap stuff, and a few other things. Oh yeah, and of course get all those stupid people out of Washington! Super simple! Whenever I let my anger about how bad the people in D.C. have run the country run high, I can even see it: let’s get all those who have no right to be here out, and things must get better!

Then again… I think that as long as we are fed the lie that jobs are only worth something if there aren’t that many people who could do them, and if there are many people that can do a job, like doing someone’s laundry, or flipping burgers, then it isn’t worth shit, because we can just wait until someone sells his or her soul just to earn those couple dollars to buy some scraps and leftovers from the banquets of the rich, we will not be free. We will be slaves of a system that Trump supports just as much as anyone who’s been born on the rich side of life. And I don’t blame them, they’re just looking out for their own best interest!!

There is one guy, who so far has, for almost all his life, said he is fighting for the regular guy, with the low-paying jobs. And that’s Bernie. So, yes, if you’re angry, maybe you’re not angry enough. It’s the system that needs changing!